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Internet banking

Update date:  4 September 2022, 21:31
To provide corporate clients and business entities with convenient interactive banking services, Turonbank has implemented the Internet-Banking system. The Internet-Banking system is intended for remote access of a client to a personal bank account in real time.

The presence of this system of remote access to the account gives our customers a number of significant advantages:

  • track the status of your accounts;

  • promptly receive information about the receipt of funds to the accounts;

  • enter and send payment documents to the bank, which immediately become available for further processing;

  • generate statements on personal accounts, balance sheets;

  • view the archive of payment documents, selecting documents according to various criteria;

  • view and print incoming and outgoing payment documents.

Internet-Banking is a service that allows you to manage your bank account via the Internet. For full-fledged work with Internet-Banking technology, you only need to have a computer and access to the Internet.

To connect the Internet-Banking remote access system, you only need to have a bank account in our bank and submit to the bank a completed application form for connecting the service, which you can download on the website or receive at the bank office.


Mutual settlements between the client and the bank are carried out in real time. You can track all stages of processing payment documents in the bank, as well as information about payments received by you.

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