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Education credit

Update date:  8 July 2022, 09:37
  • Necessary amount:
  • Loan term:
  • Interest rate (%):
  • Insurance costs:
The calculation is preliminary. You will be provided with exact loan terms and conditions in one of the branches of the bank.
Monthly payment: ... sum

Educational loans

Loan amount

It is determined on the basis of an official agreement (contract) on tuition fees between the student and the university.

Interest rate


Loan term

Period of study + 7,5 years 

Initial payment


Loan repayment method


Grace period

Period of study + 6 months after graduation

Loan agreement

Educational credit is provided to students who have been accepted for full-time study at state higher educational institutions and private higher educational institutions licensed by the Inspectorate for Quality Control of Education.

The student's close relatives (father, mother, brother, sister, niece, grandparents) or his (her) guardian are involved in obtaining a loan.

The interest rate on the loan and the amount of interest payments on educational loans accrued by commercial banks may change as the refinancing rate of the Central Bank changes.

  • student loan application and passport;
  • agreement (contract) and attached invoice (if available). The agreement must specify the term of completion of study and the amount of payment for one year;
  • certificate of inclusion in the Unified Register of Social Protection (for children from families included in the Unified Register of Social Protection). 

The following are provided as collateral:

  • Third party warranty;
  • Non-repayment insurance policy;
  • Liquid collateral.
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